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Our goal is to help people live longer, healthier lives. The Weight Zone is the first of several products we are developing to reach that goal.

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Do you have questions about who we are or what we do? Please write to us: info@weightzonefactor.com

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Virtual Wellness, Inc. specializes in wellness software for the general public. Our philosophy: we refuse to build software that anyone else can build. Instead, we concentrate on applications that NO ONE ELSE can build. If it doesn't seem impossible then we aren't interested. It's more fun this way.

Virtual Wellness was founded by Jay Wiener, a mathematician who survived morbid obesity and several heart attacks while in his forties. Today, 100 pounds lighter, he is a long distance hiker whose goal is to help others improve their health.

Our first product, The Weight Zone, smashes an obsolete “medical” formula that has given bad advice to countless dieters and athletes: the Body Mass Index. The BMI, invented in 1832, may be the most inaccurate metric in modern medicine. Regardless, it is used everywhere (see next section.) We are replacing the BMI with a private, comprehensive analysis that determines how much you should weigh based on your personal statistics, health history, and lifestyle.

The Weight Zone gives you an upper and lower limit to how much you should weigh, not one “perfect” weight. If your primary concern is your health, just reduce to the upper limit of your Zone. If you want to look and feel your best, get near the low end.

Weight Zone Analyses will be free during our introductory period. We have other amazing software applications being developed but nothing that we can talk about just yet. Be sure to get on our mailing list and we will keep you informed. Write to info@weightzonefactor.com

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