How Can You Find the Best Diet Pill?

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How can you find the best diet pill?  You can’t.  Prescription diet pills are almost useless, and over-the-counter diet pills are completely useless.  They are the Eric Trump of the supplements industry. Here’s a list of the ten most popular OTC diet ingredients, followed by a question: What do Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Acai Berry Extract, Saffron Extract, Proactol Pills, Yacon Syrup, African Mangos, HCG, and LipoSlim have in common with … Read More

10 Ways to Stay Strong During the Holidays

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  It’s always hard to stay strong during the Holidays.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s Eve – it’s five weeks of merry gluttony, and you can hide your belly under a winter coat. In fact, have you ever wondered why Santa is so… rotund? It’s because during the holidays, we need a fat superhero to save us from food orgy explosions.  Of calories.  We celebrate other holidays with a single mega-meal, but we overeat nearly … Read More

Does Exercise Help Your Brain?


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Does exercise help your brain?  The short, obvious answer is: YES!  However, the answer isn’t so obvious to researchers, who are conducting a wide variety of experiments to learn how and why exercise helps. One well-accepted belief is, “Exercise improves blood flow, which helps the brain.”  True, but what about people past fifty who have led sedentary lives?  Won’t beginning an exercise program late in life be unnecessarily stressful, not only to their brains but … Read More

Do Cleanses Remove Toxins from Your Body?

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CLEANSING - starring Mickey Mouse

  Do cleanses remove toxins from your body?  It’s a perfect, scary story for Halloween.  Why?  Because the thought of someone giving himself diarrhea on purpose scares the crap out of me. Cleansing has become a popular fad, which is surprising; the point of a cleanse is to give yourself diarrhea to eliminate imaginary ‘toxins’ from your liver and intestines, not to do something useful, like cleansing the world of all traces of Harvey Weinstein. … Read More

Hoping for a Thinner Christmas? Try The 16-Word Diet

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  Hoping for a thinner Christmas this year?  Hoping to lose tonnage for the annual “Wear your bikini in December!” office Christmas party?  I hope not.  First, you cannot lose more than a few pounds in December unless you don’t mind gaining them all back in January. Second, if everyone in your office is going to wear bikinis, you had better wear a blindfold. Yes, The Holiday Season is here, along with multiple merry temptations.  … Read More

10 WTF Diet Myths You Should Ignore

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We are drowning in diet myths that we should ignore.  Never eat after 8 PM! Drink 8 glasses of water! Sugar is poison!! Butter is worse!! Gluten is sickening us!!! Saturated fat will kill us!!! WTF? Yes, WTF.  Way Too Foolish. WFT Diet Myths sound impressive but they block permanent weight loss. If you are starting a diet, learn where the lies are before they sabotage you. Almost every week, we are speared by a new ‘Way … Read More