Coconut Oil: Health Food or Food Fad?

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coconuts growing on a palm tree

Is coconut oil a miracle health food? Can it reverse Alzheimer’s, heart disease, inflammation, and arthritis? Can it cure cancer, gastritis, arthritis, UTIs and ED, lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, and help you lose weight? Coconut oil was considered dangerously unhealthy for decades.  It had a brief-but-glorious self-promoted moment when brilliant hype convinced people it could cure anything, was easily exposed as a blatant fraud, and is now fading rapidly. Like our president. Here’s the truth: … Read More

Sugar Vs. Sweeteners: Which is Healthier?

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Sugar vs. sweeteners – which is healthier? An old question.  The first book to advocate dieting by avoiding sugar was published in 1863; the first artificial sweetener, saccharine, was sold commercially in 1886.  People have been arguing about their merits ever since. Which is healthier – sugar or sweeteners? The sad answer: neither.  The more we learn, the worse both get. You might be thinking, “Thank goodness I only eat organic raw honey made by cage-free honeybees.” Or … Read More

Week in Wellness: Mislabeled Organics, Running Vs Walking, Pot, and More



As always, the Week in Wellness has fascinating, unexpected stories, starting with a potential major change to health exams: The American Heart Association now recommends that doctors test us for fitness instead of simply sticking needles and tubes where they don’t belong.  For balance, I’ve given you a Gretchen Reynolds article discussing the merits of running vs. walking. Also, organic foods and GMO foods have new controversies: many foods labeled ‘organic’ are not, and the … Read More

Low-Carb, Low Fat, Low Cal – Choose the Best Diet

JayThe Sixteen Word Diet

choose the best diet

  Learning to choose the best diet for your body isn’t hard yet most people are still searching, like Ponce De Leon, for The Enchanted Fountain of Skinny. Today we’ll help you choose your enchantment-free optimum diet and even better, give you two free previews. The first preview is major.  WeightZoneFactor is partnering with a new, major health service that will provide Jay’s Blog readers with the Internet’s most comprehensive package of health benefits at … Read More

The 16-Word Diet – The Best-Selling Diet Book of 2017?

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The 16-word diet best selling diet book of 2017

  Good news: The 16-Word Diet may be on its way to becoming one of the best-selling diet books of 2017. Or maybe not. Certainly it is more successful than I expected it to be, just two weeks after it was published. I’m very grateful to all of you, both for your purchases and for the support you have shown. I’m especially grateful to those of you who bought several copies, to use as Christmas presents. If … Read More

How to Take Charge of Your Health


Take charge of your health. Great advice unless you don’t read about it, and you can’t read an email you never received.  That happened last week.  I wrote an important post announcing a new, free program for Jay’s Blog subscribers but few of you received the email. Good news: those of you who got the email signed up at a remarkable rate.  I decided give everyone another chance; Internet quirks shouldn’t affect your ability to … Read More

Weight Watchers, Fasts, Vegetarians, Trump: Questions About Dieting

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  Questions about dieting.  We all have them, but my readers ask the best ones – which sounds patronizing but isn’t. First, a remarkable number of professors and doctors read my blog, and second, I deliberately write for people who are not fooled by wellness charlatans.  You expect well-researched science, rational opinions, and occasional spurts of unexpected humor. People incapable of reading anything more complicated than a Donald Trump tweet quickly flutter away, landing on … Read More