10 Biggest Superfood Myths ­– From The 16-Word Diet

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Superfood myths are exploding on health websites everywhere.  Ever wonder why you never heard of ‘superfoods’ while you were growing up? Because they didn’t exist. Big Agriculture popularized the name to hype the sales of ordinary produce. Their claims about superfoods have something in common with organic fertilizers – both started deep inside a bull. Some superfoods are wonderful choices and some are worthless, but all claim to have magical healing powers – and they … Read More

New Research About Sugar: The News Is Bitter. Jay’s Week in Wellness

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  New research about sugar  is being published every day. We keep learning more, both about the effects of sugar on our bodies and the effects of Big Sugar-sponsored fake research on our society, and it’s never good. There are too many stories to summarize in one short post, so here are some of the best.  Before you start, I recommend two books below: The Case Against Sugar and The Fat Chance Cookbook.  They are complementary, & … Read More

The 16-Word Diet – The Best-Selling Diet Book of 2017?

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The 16-word diet best selling diet book of 2017

  Good news: The 16-Word Diet may be on its way to becoming one of the best-selling diet books of 2017. Or maybe not. Certainly it is more successful than I expected it to be, just two weeks after it was published. I’m very grateful to all of you, both for your purchases and for the support you have shown. I’m especially grateful to those of you who bought several copies, to use as Christmas presents. If … Read More

The 16-Word Diet is Here – In Time for Christmas

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The 16-Word Diet - front and back cover

The 16-Word Diet – the book I’ve been promising for two years – is now available through Amazon, as a softcover or as a Kindle download. It’s the only diet book in history that’s fun to read, which makes it a terrific Christmas gift. If you’re a regular reader, then you already know that The 16-Word Diet isn’t just another ‘miracle diet’ book; it’s a survival guide for people who are tired of fast, easy ‘solutions’ to age-old … Read More

What’s the Worst Way to Lose Weight?

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Worst way to lose weight is to gai it back

  What’s the worst way to lose weight? The one method that guarantees you’ll gain it all back?  Lose it after an illness or an accident. You can lose ten, twenty, even fifty pounds (22.7 kg) while you recuperate but unless you’re thoroughly prepared, you’ll gain it all back.  Fortunately, there’s a surprisingly simple way to prevent this from happening to you or to someone you love. Okay – half of it is simple. If … Read More

Almond Milk? Soy Milk? What’s Wrong With Real Milk?


What's wrong with real milk?

  What’s wrong with real milk? Are plant-based milks healthier? The answers are surprising. Almond milk, soy milk, and other assorted-milks-squeezed-from-vegetables-that-are-definitely-not-mammals have become so popular that they have hurt the sales of cow’s milk. Milk is losing popularity despite the fact that if it could be made by squeezing almonds, Donald Trump would have spent his entire fortune searching for tiny almond nipples. If you can get that image out of your mind, think about a question I … Read More

When Should You Start to Diet?

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Calendar for January 2017

  When should you start to diet? It’s a tough question. This is the second week of January, so by now you have probably broken your diet.  Don’t worry.  And if you haven’t started yet, even better. “Don’t worry?”  “Even better?”  That’s correct. This time, do things differently. Starting on Day 1, don’t focus on losing weight; focus on something even more important: learning how to not gain weight. Short-term weight loss is easy. Anyone … Read More