How Stress Makes You Gain Weight – and How to Stop it

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stressful eating

  Does stress make you gain weight?  I know –­ dumb question.  Stress affects everything, and those effects are usually negative.  Stress forces unwanted hormones into your bloodstream just when you need them the least. Under stress, the body releases excess adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine, ugly beasties that roam around your body like drunken teenagers looking for some new place to spray-paint profanities.  They roam about until they reach your brain and settle in, relentlessly … Read More

10 Most Popular Diet Plans: Which Work, Which Do Not

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  It seems as if half the country is on one of the 10 most popular diet plans.  And yet, we’re fatter than ever.  Something isn’t working. The problem is that people look for the easiest answer or the flashiest program or the sexiest author, not for the best diet.  I believed (naively) that only a person with the IQ of a garden hose would believe that his blood type determines the healthiest eating plan … Read More

What are the 10 Worst Exercise Myths?

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Monkey Exercising

What are the world’s worst exercise myths?  There are so many…  How about:  Walk 10,000 steps every day! Drink 8 glasses of water every day! Work out for 30 minutes every day!  Shrink your belly fat with 100 crunches every day! And the worst of the worst: No pain, no gain! WTF? Okay, I’ll stop. The Internet is overrun with WTF (Way Too Foolish) exercise myths; my Google search found so many dopey ones that … Read More

Coconut Oil: Health Food or Food Fad?


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Is coconut oil a miracle health food? Can it reverse Alzheimer’s, heart disease, inflammation, and arthritis? Can it cure cancer, gastritis, arthritis, UTIs and ED, lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, and help you lose weight? Coconut oil was considered dangerously unhealthy for decades.  It had a brief-but-glorious self-promoted moment when brilliant hype convinced people it could cure anything, was easily exposed as a blatant fraud, and is now fading rapidly. Like our president. Here’s the truth: … Read More

Sugar Vs. Sweeteners: Which is Healthier?


Sugar vs. sweeteners – which is healthier? An old question.  The first book to advocate dieting by avoiding sugar was published in 1863; the first artificial sweetener, saccharine, was sold commercially in 1886.  People have been arguing about their merits ever since. Which is healthier – sugar or sweeteners? The sad answer: neither.  The more we learn, the worse both get. You might be thinking, “Thank goodness I only eat organic raw honey made by cage-free honeybees.” Or … Read More

How to Take Charge of Your Health


Take charge of your health. Great advice unless you don’t read about it, and you can’t read an email you never received.  That happened last week.  I wrote an important post announcing a new, free program for Jay’s Blog subscribers but few of you received the email. Good news: those of you who got the email signed up at a remarkable rate.  I decided give everyone another chance; Internet quirks shouldn’t affect your ability to … Read More