Weight Watchers, Fasts, Vegetarians, Trump: Questions About Dieting

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  Questions about dieting.  We all have them, but my readers ask the best ones – which sounds patronizing but isn’t. First, a remarkable number of professors and doctors read my blog, and second, I deliberately write for people who are not fooled by wellness charlatans.  You expect well-researched science, rational opinions, and occasional spurts of unexpected humor. People incapable of reading anything more complicated than a Donald Trump tweet quickly flutter away, landing on … Read More

10 Worst Diet Products – What Are They?

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Picture of a Lean Cuisine packaged meal

  What are the worst diet products?  Here’s a list.  A partial list.  Some are ridiculous (Diet sunglasses? Really?), but others, like Lean Cuisine and high-tech bathroom scales, will surprise you: they seem better than they are. The 10 Worst Diet Products: Lean Cuisine: You may be surprised to see these popular frozen meals heading up a list of the 10 Worst Diet products, but they belong here. First, Lean Cuisine meals are processed foods … Read More

The 16-Word Diet – The Best-Selling Diet Book of 2017?

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The 16-word diet best selling diet book of 2017

  Good news: The 16-Word Diet may be on its way to becoming one of the best-selling diet books of 2017. Or maybe not. Certainly it is more successful than I expected it to be, just two weeks after it was published. I’m very grateful to all of you, both for your purchases and for the support you have shown. I’m especially grateful to those of you who bought several copies, to use as Christmas presents. If … Read More

Diet Advice From Celebrities – Why Do People Believe it?


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Why do we love diet advice from celebrities? They are better-looking than we are, but no smarter.  And yet frequently, a science-free ‘diet’ becomes intensely popular overnight after being promoted by some famous celeb whose weight and IQ are both below 100 (45.5 kg). The ‘diet’ might be so irrationally carbohydrate-free that The Famous One puts butter instead of skim milk in her coffee; it might be so irrationally fat-free that she washes her body … Read More

Will Exercise Help You Lose Weight? The Surprising Answer.

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Exercise help you lose weight

  Will exercise help you lose weight?  Everyone knows the answer: Of course!  And everyone is wrong. How do we know? By studying people who eat giraffes. We wellness writers been promoting exercise as a great way to lose weight for years.  It makes perfect sense in two ways: exercise burns calories immediately, and it also builds muscles that keep burning calories even while you sleep.  However, this theory, so obvious that it didn’t seem … Read More

10 Biggest Superfood Myths ­– From The 16-Word Diet


Superfood myths are exploding on health websites everywhere.  Ever wonder why you never heard of ‘superfoods’ while you were growing up? Because they didn’t exist. Big Agriculture popularized the name to hype the sales of ordinary produce. Their claims about superfoods have something in common with organic fertilizers – both started deep inside a bull. Some superfoods are wonderful choices and some are worthless, but all claim to have magical healing powers – and they … Read More

New Research About Sugar: The News Is Bitter. Jay’s Week in Wellness


  New research about sugar  is being published every day. We keep learning more, both about the effects of sugar on our bodies and the effects of Big Sugar-sponsored fake research on our society, and it’s never good. There are too many stories to summarize in one short post, so here are some of the best.  Before you start, I recommend two books below: The Case Against Sugar and The Fat Chance Cookbook.  They are complementary, & … Read More