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Personal Statistics

For Your Body, Not for Everybody…

Everyone’s weight zone is different. Your weight zone is based on 25 different factors. Let’s start with your body statistics — your weight, height, and wrist size. As you step through the Survey on the right, every answer helps to factor your perfect weight zone — the most and least you should weigh.

Health History

Your health and your family’s health history

Your health history and your family’s health history provides vital information to improve the results for your perfect weight zone and to help in factoring your long-term health goals.

Cardio Exercise

Essential At Any Age

The Best Way To Look And Feel Better is to perform regular cardio exercise. Cardio exercise may be the most important thing you can do for your health. It makes it easier to reach your weight zone. We will tell you how many days to exercise each week, how hard, and for how long.

Strength Training

Isn't just for Football Players

Strength Training is for Everyone, at any Age and is as important as cardio exercise, especially as we age. It protects your joints, improves your flexibility, and makes it easier for you to reach your weight zone.

Weight Zone Factor

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