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The Rockport Walking Fitness Test

The Rockport Fitness Walking Test is an excellent self—test for cardiorespiratory fitness. It determines your VO2max, your maximum possible oxygen consumption. This is one of the best ways available to determine your health and longevity.

The test is simple: walk for a mile, see how long it took, take your pulse, then enter the numbers in the box below. We will calculate your results.

First, find a place where you can walk without stopping for a mile. A high school track or a quiet neighborhood where you can walk for a mile without stopping for traffic is best. Don't stress about measuring exactly one mile: You can be off by 100 yards and the test will still be accurate.

You will need to time yourself and take your pulse: the best way is with an inexpensive heart rate monitor. Here are the simple rules:

  1.  Warm up
  2.  Walk briskly for one mile
  3.  Record your time and heart rate below

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